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05/23/13 – Vertical Wave 4.0 Release: MeetMe Conference Bridge

With Vertical Communications wrapping up beta testing and scheduled to release Version 4.0 of the Vertical Wave in the coming weeks, we figured it would be a good idea to take an in-depth look at one of the key features that will be added with the latest software release. While there are several improvements included in this new release, the two features that are creating the most buzz are certainly the Wave MeetMe Conference Bridge, and the Outbound IVR application. In this installment we will be taking a closer look at the MeetMe Conferencing Brige.

As is also the case for the IVR application, probably the most enticing aspect of the MeetMe conference bridge is that it comes at no additional cost or licensing requirements.  The conferencing enhancement also comes with the following features:

Fully integrated with ViewPoint and ViewPoint Mobile. Through ViewPoint, users will be able to:

  • View the conference rooms in the ViewPoint Extension pane.
  • Call into a conference room or transfer a call into a conference room in the same way you would currently call an extension or transfer a call using ViewPoint or on the phone.
  • View the attendee list in ViewPoint.
  • Mute or unmute any attendee in a conference. Users will also be able to mute/unmute themselves at any time.
  • Disconnect any attendee.
  • Record the conference.
  • Add conference room extensions as ‘Favorites’.

Support for up to 18 conference rooms, with up to 24 attendees per conference. The total number of simultaneous users in conference rooms will be based on the amount of resources allocated to your conferencing needs (configured via Resource Management within the Wave).

Set up a conference lobby so that an auto-attendant will handle calls to MeetMe conference rooms and provide room extensions to attendees so they can join their specific conference.

Assign a DID number to each conference rooms so that externals callers are directly connected to the associated conference room.

Assign a Moderator code so that attendees are held in the lobby (with music on hold playing) until the moderator arrives. You can also assign multiple moderators.

Assign an access code that authorizes a caller to join the conference.

Still do Ad-hoc conferencing. This feature does not replace the current ad-hoc conferencing ability provided by previous Wave releases.

 For companies currently paying for conferencing services, this feature is sure to replace that service and potentially save those companies as much as several hundred dollars per month. For companies that do not currently pay for conferencing services, this feature, if fully utilized, can potentially transform how your company does business. This feature not only will allow your employees collaborate much more easily, but you will also be able to put off a very professional external image to your customers and vendors by scheduling conference calls and providing dial-in numbers with access codes.

This is a very attractive feature that the Wave has added to its long list of existing features and if properly utilized, can really make your small to medium sized business give off the feel of a much larger firm.

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