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08/29/13 – Smart TV’s, for Businesses, not so Smart

Smart TVs, for Businesses, not so Smart

As Smart TV’s grow in popularity, realize that they aren’t a smart buy for everyone.

Smart TV sales are expected to surge to 123M units sold in 2014, according to HD Living, a Home Technology news and review magazine. With the emergence of Smart TV’s and Smart TV advertisements seemingly everywhere, it is easy to be convinced that buying a ‘non-Smart’ will be an investment in soon-to-be-obsolete technology. While Smart TV’s offer access to various ‘apps’ that your traditional TV does not, it is important to assess just how much your company will be using your TV for these apps.

Source: NPD Group

Source: NPD Group

Based on a survey performed by NPD Group, a market research firm, the most popular uses of Smart TV’s (other than watching cable/satellite TV) are watching ‘OTT’ (Over-the-top, or internet) video, listening to OTT music (Pandora, etc.), and web-browsing, with all other applications being utilized by under 10% of Smart TV owners. With the majority of TV’s installed in corporate offices being located in conference rooms or other common areas, these uses don’t seem to align at all with what businesses aim to use TV’s for.

With the aforementioned surge of Smart TV’s into the market manufacturers have been forced to keep pricing competitive, so though Smart TV’s run approximately 10-12% more expensive than traditional TV’s of comparable quality, it is common to see a Smart TV marked down on sale to a price lower than that of the traditional model.

The Verdict: Smart TV’s do not provide businesses with value to justify spending the extra 10-12% for the additional applications/connectivity, but don’t go out of your way to avoid Smart TV’s if you see a great deal.

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