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Office Phone Systems

If you run a legitimate business, you need a powerful phone system at your disposal.  It is very important for your customers to get to the right people, with the right answers, immediately.

K&J Communications will meet with your team to analyze your phone system needs and develop a custom solution for you.  No two companies are alike, and neither are any two of our phone systems.  We constantly take advantage of new technology to give our customers the best solutions available.

Some areas we help address:

VoIP Service

Reduce your monthly service cost from your phone company by eliminating your voice network all together and routing your phone calls through your company’s data network. By transitioning to a Voice over Internet Protocol phone system, K&J can help you reduce your service cost, increase your call capacity, and increase the security of your company’s phone calls, all at the same time.


K&J can provide and install voicemail systems that work with your current phone system to allow each of your employees and/or departments their own dedicated voicemail box. A voicemail system can increase your employee productivity by allowing them to receive important messages from their suppliers, customers, and colleagues without requiring an overlap of free time in their schedules to talk direct.

Messaging on Hold

In any business, we try to avoid keeping our customers and colleagues waiting on hold if at all possible, especially for extended periods of time. But, if you are running your business efficiently, the ‘next available representative’ shouldn’t always be available right away. K&J can help you set up Messaging on Hold to increase the professional appearance of your company, while increasing the overall experience of the customer’s call.

Productivity Tools

All the features in the world are only as good as the system that brings them together.  We understand that in order to get the best use of all the features we place at your fingertips, our system must be intuitive and easy to use.  Our suite of productivity tools easily integrates into any office environment and culture.  Our productivity tools are meant to save time and stress, helping you quickly communicate with your team or customers in an effective way.

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An efficient voice & data system can help you better serve your customers and improve the productivity of your team. Combining these benefits results in directly increasing your PROFITABILITY.