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IT Services for Your Indianapolis-area Business

For all the teams constantly working toward making their communications more efficient and their business more profitable, K&J Communications has been proud to provide the solutions and services necessary to keep communications technologies up to the task.

You’re busy, and you need to stay on top of your commitments and ahead of the deadlines. We’re here to help. Our expertise is diversified across multiple areas of technology, applicable to any business. With over 30 years of experience, we’re dedicated to being your communications partner and helping you stay a step ahead of the pack.

Our services include:

Managed IT Support & Helpdesk

We’ve been providing voice, cabling, and other technology-related support to the Indianapolis area as a locally-owned business since 1987. With Managed IT Support & Helpdesk Support, we provide local expertise and phenomenal service to help you with whatever comes up. We’ve served clients across industries including Healthcare, Professional Services, Real Estate, Banking/Credit Unions, Staffing, Not-for-Profit, and Government. Make your industry next.

Network and Low Voltage Cabling

In today’s world of innovative open office spaces and exposed industrial ceilings, it’s vital that you choose a data wiring vendor with the experience and know-how to design and install a complete data network. No matter the office design, we can set your network up for success.

Hosted Voice Over IP (VOIP)

We take a different approach to Hosted VoIP because we’ve been doing VoIP since it was invented (literally). We pre-qualify your site to make sure your network can handle it, hands-on during the installation and cutover, provide ongoing support and use a local Hosted VoIP Provider to provide the service.

Small Business Phones Systems

With the popularity of VoIP, it can be easy to assume that it’s the best fit for your business. It may be! However, if your organization meets certain criteria, an on-premise phone system might be the most efficient method of meeting your communications needs.

IP Video Surveillance and Access Control

While maintaining a secure workplace is always the primary objective, the value of Card Access and Camera Surveillance systems now reaches far beyond traditional loss prevention. Our customers are using their Card Access and Camera Surveillance systems for a whole host of uses including auditing fraud, creating process improvements and generating real-life training scenarios specific to your workspace.

Internet Voice Service Consulting

We have relationships with almost every service provider in Central Indiana, and we know that companies are often paying too much for service they could get more affordable. We can examine your service provider bills and your business needs and help you determine if the service you’re signed up for is still the best solution for your business.

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