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You’re always dedicated to learning, shifting and evolving as an organization. As roles and business focus change, so do your technology needs. Storing your applications and data is vital to the well-being of your business, but that’s accompanied by a wide array of costs and challenges. Updating and maintaining your internal servers can be a trying process, with costs and functionality that might not be where you want it to be.

The team at K&J Communications has been on the forefront for over 30 years, helping businesses find the right trends and migrating to the technologies that can save money and help operate better.

We take away the hassle of investing and maintaining in the training and costs of new hardware and software. Our cloud migration services are here to provide your business with the ability to access data in a way as nimble and forward-looking as your business.

Cloud Migration Services

Every company today is, to some extent, a web-based company. Previously this required continual maintenance and upgrading of physical computing and data infrastructure. With the advent of cloud-based computing, however, your data can be secure and more widely accessible without the hassle of previous requirements.

K&J Communications has the insight and expertise to successfully complete Cloud Migration services for your company, keeping your data flexible and adaptable. We work with Office 365 Migrations, On-Premise to AWS/Azure Migrations and Physical to Virtual Migrations. We can provide the know-how to successfully transfer your data and services to face what’s next.

Cloud Migration Strategy

Your organization has a lot of organizations and systems to handle. We get it. We work with you to determine the best strategy that works for your business and find a timeline that works for you with minimal hassle.

Cloud Migration Tools

The right tools to access and share your data between different aspects of the organization are vital. We’re familiar with the benefits and drawbacks of a large amount of cloud migration tools and can set you up with the one that’ll work for you.

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