Kids in the Computer Lab

A Leader in Indianapolis of IT Support for Schools

K&J Communications has provided IT Support for Schools in Central Indiana since 2013. We understand that running a school presents a very different set of challenges than running a business, and we appreciate that when students are a major part of the equation conventional logic needs to go out the window.

  • We understand that between NWEA, MAPS, ISTEP, etc. Someone is always testing!
  • We understand that today’s LMS systems are now more complicated than most ERP systems.
  • We understand that there are many pros and cons to student-owned student devices vs. school-owned student devices.
  • We understand that from 6:30am – 7:30am not being able to print CONSTITUTES AN EMERGENCY!
  • We understand that you’re worried that your STEM Teacher is looking for another job because he took this job to teach robotics and help teachers develop content on their cool new interactive technology and instead he spends all of his time troubleshooting WiFi and fixing Chromebook screens.
  • We understand that – more so than in any other industry – you’re often sitting at your desk at 4:30pm with an untouched to-do list and you wouldn’t have been able to predict how you just spent your last 6 hours if someone gave you 1,000 guesses.
  • We understand that you want to encourage your students’ curiosity and exploration, but that you need network security and content filtering that makes sure that they can’t be too curious.

Technology has adapted more in schools in the last 5 years than about any other industry. We can share what has worked well for other school districts. Allow our education experience to help guide your school.

We understand, and you have enough problems to worry about. Give us a call and let us see if we can help.

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