Why You Should Partner With a Local IT Support Company

Is your company looking to open up a Branch or Regional Office in the Indianapolis area? Have you ever tried coordinating a 1-2 day trip across the country that has to align exactly with dates on an ever-fluid construction calendar? Have you gone 2 weeks without being able to receive an update on construction progress from anyone, only to find out when you finally receive an update that they needed you last week? How about needing to get thousands of dollars of network equipment to a site that isn’t yet secure or even receiving deliveries from UPS? That stuff doesn’t fit well in suitcases.

If these scenarios sound familiar they probably also make you cringe a bit (or experience some painful flashbacks). Partnering with a local IT company to help monitor the progress of your construction project, provide a location to receive/store equipment (in our 2,500 sqft warehouse), and then deliver the equipment to site and perform the tasks of physically mounting, plugging in, and patching in your equipment will make your life so much easier.

Finally, once we provide you with detailed pictures and documentation of the layout, and provide a technician to perform an on-site day of turn-up troubleshooting, in many cases our customers can bring a new site online successfully while never needing to even send a company IT representative.

Now, consider that we can also provide all of your data cabling at this new site and we can provide very competitive pricing on the entire project because we have 10 technicians of various skill levels/wage rates. Fill out a contact form or give us a call today and we’ll work with you to get a statement of work put together for no charge!

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