Why Outsourcing Your IT Support Makes Sense

If you take an overly simplistic view of a typical IT Department’s Organizational Structure for a firm of 150-200 employees, it will typically look something like this:

Director of IT ($100k+) – Provides strategic guidance for the firm’s IT plan. Interacts with other executives and is in charge of taking their strategic vision for the company and developing an IT strategic plan that maximizes the resources budgeted for Information Technology.

Systems Engineer & Network/Security Engineer (~$85k each) – Performs high/medium complexity tasks on servers and network equipment, respectively.

Helpdesk Support Technician (~$40k each) – Supports end-users by resolving routine issues and helps maintain a productive IT work environment.

Companies of 30-40 employees cannot afford to devote a headcount of 4-5 employees to Information Technology in this manner, so they are forced to choose which of these roles is most important.

In many cases, companies are forced to hire someone that can do a bit of all of these roles, requiring them to pay for the experience of the more complex positions while the employee actually spends the majority of his time performing the remedial tasks of the Helpdesk Technician.

These requirements for occasional strategic planning, intermittent complex systems, and network/security configuration, and the constant onslaught of remedial employee device and network troubleshooting tasks make staffing a small business’s IT department internally a real challenge.

This is why outsourcing the IT function to K&J Communications makes so much sense. We can provide strategic vision and planning to assist your company to achieve its operational goals, as well as provide the technical expertise required to execute that vision and staff a helpdesk required to keep your employees productive on a day to day basis.

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