Card Access & IP Camera Surveillance Systems

Card Access and IP Camera Surveillance systems have become one of the more popular areas of investment for business owners over the past several years. The ability to control access to different areas of your building and make swift changes to those privileges at a moment’s notice can be invaluable in certain scenarios.

Installing a card access system that is integrated with your IP surveillance system provides even more insight into the operations of your business and allows you to verify employees are not sharing badges and track people using temporary/visitor badges.

While maintaining a secure workplace is always the primary objective, the value of Card Access and Camera Surveillance systems now reaches far beyond traditional loss prevention. Our customers are using their Card Access and Camera Surveillance systems for a whole host of uses:

  • Monitoring and/or Auditing fraudulent payroll card swipes

Have an employee that shows up for work, swipes in payroll and immediately goes back outside for a cigarette or a break?

  • Coaching Employees on Process Improvements

Showing your employees video clips of where they used proper or improper technique is more effective than attempting to describe/demonstrate yourself.

  • Create real-life training examples scenarios from your actual workplace

Export clips of equipment being properly / improperly used in the workplace and use those clips to create training videos for new employees

  • Monitor body language of employees you believe are dissatisfied

Help prevent costly employee turnover by recognizing when employees are dissatisfied based on monitoring their body language. Body language can tell you a lot about morale, especially when employees think nobody is watching.

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