Hosted VoIP

Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP)

At risk of oversimplifying, VoIP has become a big deal for small businesses because phone conversations only take 100Kb (0.1Mb) of bandwidth. Compared to the fact that most minimum available internet circuits are now 100Mb x 10Mb, that provides bandwidth for 100 concurrent calls on Spectrum’s minimum internet circuit. Now add in that the cost of a standard telephone line (also good for 1 concurrent call) these days is at least $45.00/month and in most cases, they are north of $50.00/month. Sounds like a pretty good solution.

With a Hosted Solution, You Can…

Program a failover route to your cell phone if your internet goes out
Have an inbound number from any area ring to your desk
Scale phones and seats as your company grows
Access features typically reserved for enterprise sized VoIP systems

But Beware!

Sound like the perfect solution? VoIP is an easy sell and can be a great product.

Unfortunately, that product can come with headaches. Some people can spend 3 days without phone service and then 4 days stuck troubleshooting with their national carrier responsible for the outage. Phone outages mean lost leads, sales, and revenue.

We’re living in a world full of fly by night VoIP companies, all with deals that sound too good to be true. What’s more, they all have 100-page terms and conditions forms that you don’t have time to read but that you sign because you need an affordable phone option now.

The K&J Communications Difference

K&J Communications takes a different approach to Hosted VoIP, because we’ve been doing VoIP since it was invented (literally). We pre-qualify your site to make sure your network can handle it, we’re hands on during the installation and cut-over, we provide ongoing support, and we use a local Hosted VoIP Provider to provide the service. Something about seeing your provider’s management team on a regular basis and knowing where their office is gets you better support.

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