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Carrier Service Consulting

K&J Communications has either direct or indirect relationships with just about every service provider that services central Indiana. We have vast experience in dealing with these carriers and we have a good sense of what the market rate is for internet and voice service. Not sure if you’re paying too much for your internet and voice service? If you’ve renewed your service for more than 2 years, chances are that you are paying too much. The price of bandwidth has been falling consistently over the past decade, and the price of analog phone lines is skyrocketing as carriers nationwide try to push companies to their VoIP solutions.

We’ll examine your service provider bills and your business needs and help you determine if the service you’re signed up for is still the best solution for your business. Sometimes you’re in the best package, but a lot of times there is another option to at least consider. There is no charge for this review and there is no commitment required, so what do you have to lose?

Trends We are Seeing

Acquisition after acquisition after acquisition

Hopefully, you didn’t get too close with your Level-3 rep after Level-3 purchased TW-Telecom because Century Link’s purchase of Level-3 is causing another re-shuffling of those relationship managers. Same can be said for your Brighthouse (now Spectrum) rep. Another reason it helps to let a company like ours manage that service provider relationship for you!

Someone has fiber in the neighborhood

Between AT&T, CenturyLink, Comcast, Spectrum, and the IFN consortium, Up Front Fiber Build-Out costs are a thing of the past for the vast majority of our customers as one of these fiber service providers are more than likely close enough to your business to get you service without a build-out cost. This is why when you ask us ‘Who is the best service provider?’ our answer is almost always ‘Whoever can get you on fiber-optic cable’.

Be mindful of your AT&T contract expiration

We’ve had several customers that have had AT&T spike their rates 5x upon contract expiration. They’ll waive the excess fees if you sign a renewal, but if you had plans of switching providers the thousands of dollars of fees you’d have to pay before service can be installed and ported is likely to sway you to just sign the AT&T renewal, reluctantly.

The K&J Communications Difference

K&J Communications takes a different approach to Hosted VoIP, because we’ve been doing VoIP since it was invented (literally). We pre-qualify your site to make sure your network can handle it, we’re hands on during the installation and cutover, we provide ongoing support, and we use a local Hosted VoIP Provider to provide the service. Something about seeing your provider’s management team on a regular basis and knowing where their office is gets you better support.

Free Consultation

Don't be shy, contact us anytime and one of our team members will be happy to help you and even give you a free consultation

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