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Managed IT Services in Indianapolis

K&J Communications, Inc. has been providing voice, cabling, and other technology-related support to the Indianapolis area as a locally owned business since 1987.

While performing IT support for some customers as a peripheral service previously, in 2013 we added Managed IT Support & Helpdesk Service as an official service offering and the results could hardly be any better!

We don’t focus on any one industry in particular – we have customers across various industries such as Healthcare, Professional Services, Real Estate, Banking/Credit Unions, Staffing, Not-for-Profit, and Government. We have found, though, that our support model and culture has been a great fit in the Education Sector.

Why Have Managed IT?

You are your own IT support
You’ve been handling your own IT support internally since you started your business. You’re certainly tech-savvy enough to stay on top of things up to this point, but as your business has grown around you, your time has become more and more valuable. Now you’re troubleshooting Jan’s printer because Jan needs to print invoices today but troubleshooting Jan’s printer is about the 18th most important thing you should be spending your time on. Not to mention those two projects that are on the back burner because they’re just a little more complex than you’re really comfortable taking on.
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Your IT guy is hard to reach
You’ve been using the same IT guy for the past decade-plus. He’s a little bit of a dork but all in all, he does a really good job – when you can get ahold of him. It seems like you’re always bending over backward to accommodate the openings in his schedule and when you do have a chance to get him on site, he’s constantly getting phone calls from all of the other customers that probably feel exactly like you do! You know you aren’t his biggest customer, but for what always ends up amounting to several hundred dollars a month you feel like you should be getting more attention than you are.
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Your internal IT guy knows too little and gets paid too much
You’ve been managing a profitable company for years. These past few years feel the same as the others, but the increased competition from everyone becoming know-it-alls on the internet has your bottom line slowly but surely eroding away. You could have sworn that payroll was just last week, but your payroll clerk just sent you an e-mail to approve the payroll funds transfer. Surely, you don’t need all of these people. What about this IT guy? He’s making $75,000 and 90% of the problems he does fix seem like something a 3rd grader could solve. You wonder if there is a way to find someone cheaper for those easy fixes, but still, have access to the knowledge and expertise the 4 hours a month you actually need it.
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Seriously Local

We’ve been locally owned and serving the greater Indianapolis area for over 30 years, so you can benefit from the fact that we’re well connected in the area. Being a legacy business, you can take comfort from the fact that we’re not going anywhere, aiming for another 30 years to come. After 2050 though, all bets are off.

Just the Right Size

Our customers benefit from the fact that we have 10 technicians with enough experience to assist them with their problem, and we can get them to someone with knowledge of their account without a 30-minute wait in the queue.

The Right Experience

Our IT Department has been formed in the world of the cloud and cybersecurity. We certainly have competitors that have been doing IT Support for longer than we have, but how much IT expertise are you really looking to leverage from before 2012?

What’s Included?

Cloud Migrations

We have the insight and expertise to successfully complete cloud migration services for your company, keeping your data flexible and adaptable. We work with Office 365 Migrations, On-Premise to AWS/Azure Migrations and Physical to Virtual Migrations. We can provide the know-how to successfully transfer your data and services to face what’s next.

WiFi Installation & Management

Over the course of our continually evolving experience in tech installation and management, we’ve gotten intimately familiar with the WiFi hardware and software available on the market. We’ll be able to consult with you in order to determine your needs and make sure that you get the right equipment to stay constantly connected.

LAN & WAN Management

With proper network services, you can be sure that your voice and data network will be more protected from viruses, malware, spam, inappropriate content and intrusions than a traditional network. We know how to set up your system and keep it secure for all of your business.

Outsourced IT Support

We can provide strategic vision and planning to assist your company to achieve its operational goals, as well as provide the technical expertise required to execute that vision and staff a helpdesk required to keep your employees productive on a day to day basis.

On-Site Local IT Support

Partnering with a local IT company to help monitor the progress of your construction project, provide a location to receive/store equipment (in our 2,500 sqft warehouse), and then deliver the equipment to site and perform the tasks of physically mounting, plugging in, and patching in your equipment will make your life so much easier.

IT Support for Education

We have provided IT Support for Schools in Central Indiana since 2013. We understand that running a school presents a very different set of challenges than running a business, and we appreciate that when students are a major part of the equation conventional logic needs to go out the window.

Free Consultation

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